Charleston Partners is an entrepreneurial global retained executive search and talent advisory firm that focuses exclusively on recruiting senior level Human Resources and Human Capital executives across diverse industries and geographies and advising clients on talent issues and challenges. We are a niche boutique and offer organizations high touch, customized searches on a collaborative partnership basis.

We also serve as a trusted advisor and key confidant to our clients across all aspects of their talent challenges as well as the full range of human resources and talent strategy objectives.

We consistently deliver exceptional results on a repeat basis due to a distinctive strategy and execution approach that differentiates us within the retained executive search industry.




We focus exclusively on recruiting for assignments in the human resource and human capital specialty across all organization scales, industry sectors and global locations.

By specializing exclusively on talent acquisition mandates for executives in the human resource and human capital profession, we are singularly suited to closely partner with our clients on their elite talent recruitment initiatives and to fully manage the talent acquisition process.

Our extensive network and ability to connect progressive, sophisticated, experienced professionals across numerous industry sectors, cultures and geographic locations along with a highly tailored search approach enables us to meet specific requirements and challenges of each assignment and client. We do this by immersing ourselves in a client’s business model and gaining a firsthand feel for the nuances of the open position as well as the organizational culture.

As a “global boutique” firm, we dedicate ourselves to a strong customer service focus that delivers high quality results anywhere in the world.

The boutique nature of our organization allows us to closely collaborate and foster deep, trusting, credible, long-term relationships with our clients and the global HR community. We ensure consistent, high quality results through an established, well-defined, intimate and carefully customized search process that is results-oriented, nimble and customer-focused. Our “hands-on” and quality-driven approach is the cornerstone of our client partnerships. We take great pride in closely managing each search engagement from inception to conclusion as well as in developing a strategic assimilation plan for the successful candidate.

While our business model marries the expertise, intimacy and personalized customer service of a small, specialty executive search firm, we also have a broad global resource network and offer the geographic coverage of a large, multi-national firm.

We not only recruit, we help guide our clients on human resource and human capital challenges critical to their organization’s specific objectives.

Due to our in-depth knowledge and years’ of proven experience in working with extraordinarily diverse organizations on all facets of human resources and human capital, we are able to counsel, advise and coach our clients on the broad range of talent issues and challenges, and the shifting paradigms in the field of human capital to support clients in building a more progressive human resource business model.

As a global leader in the human resources/human capital discipline, we have established credible relationships with thought leaders and progressive thinkers in the field to provide our clients with insights on trends and leading edge best practices, which adds to their portfolio of knowledge.

We have managed global executive search engagements in all functional areas of human resources and human capital. As a result, we have cultivated deep relationships with human resources and human capital leaders and experts across industry sectors and geographic
locations. We leverage these relationships to bring additional value to our clients by sharing marketplace intelligence and trends in both human resources and the industry sector in which a company operates.

Our strategic focus on the human resource/human capital profession, our exceptionally personalized service and our unparalleled depth of expertise and credibility give our clients the right resources to identify, attract, hire and retain top human resource and human capital professionals—elite executives who will drive the cutting edge business results that companies need to be successful and competitive in today’s fast-paced, 24/7 global economy.

We are dedicated to being a strategic partner to our clients and the global HR community. We look forward to the opportunity to build a world-class human resource organization that will bring strategic value to the entire enterprise.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Human Resource and Human Capital challenges.